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What stores sell the electronic cigarettes? (in the uk)?

What stores would sell them i live in the uk

thanks in advance,

Posted by qt
David Fripp

in the UK you can buy e-cigarettes in pubs. But they are also available online. Even Amazon.co.uk sells them.

Where can I buy the best electronic cigarettes from in the UK?

What is the best electronic cigs to buy in the UK, I know in the US they have blu cigs, I tried to look for them here but can't find them anywhere, what is the best electronic cigs in the UK, and which sites sell them.

Posted by Mo P
David Fripp

This link is for a good UK forum where you can get help, support and recommendations from enthusiasts.

A trusted source for Electronic Cigarettes in the UK please?

I have checked out all the websites I can find and suppliers appear to be based in the US. Does anyone know if we can we get them here yet from a reliable and trusted site?

Posted by Budge
David Fripp

Go to e-cigarette-forum.com there are lots of reputable vendors listed there for UK and USA and lots of members from UK that I am sure will help you out.

I have bought from the US branch of Totally Wicked and they are great to deal with. Here is the UK site. Www.totallywicked-eliquid.co.uk There are lots of other vendors tho.

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