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Where can I buy electronic cigarettes in the UK?

Where can I buy some electronic cigarettes in the UK and HOW much are they?

Do they sell them in local stores or so? And how does the charging thing work?

Thanks all. -김은주

Posted by Eun-ju Kim
David Fripp

In the UK? Easy. There are several online shops, namely Cloud9 Vaping and Ecigwizard among so many more (I mean the good ones). You can also sign in with the forum UKVapers among others, for example, or even the US-based ECF (google it) that is the largest ecigs forums worldwide – there is a UK section there, for UK vendors.

How much would an electronic cigarette cost in the UK?

Im talking about one that can recharge itself.

Posted by Sam
David Fripp

To get the best info on them i can only really point you to a website that specializes in them.

I do not know enough about them to really help in any other way.

Do electronic cigarettes work?

I have been considering buying an electronic cigarette for my son to help him give up smoking he has tried patches, gum , etc etc and nothing worked then someone suggested electronic cigarettes. I know they are not sold as a NRT but having read some reviews online have found that they have helped people give up.
My concern is as these are not regulated as such how safe are they and is there any danger of a nicotine overdose with them?
Would appreciate anyone who has tried these to get in touch especially with so many to choose from how do you find the right one. Would be looking for a UK supplier for him.

Posted by The Spellweaver
David Fripp

Electronic cigarettes were designed as a safer alternative to smoking, they were not designed to help people give up the habit although a few people have found them useful in that direction.

Recent research in to all the methods of giving up cigarettes has concluded that the best method is just cold turkey and sheer will power.

E cigarettes are not regulated and the amount of nicotine released during inhaling is relatively un known, the only positive advantages over ordinary cigarettes is that they don't produce carbon monoxide which affects the heart or tar which is a carcinogen, they are legal to use in no smoking areas and they don't have any effect such as passive smoking.

Myself, I gave up smoking in 1967 on budget day when the chancellor of the exchequer increased the cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes to 5/- (25p or 40 US cents) I haven't bought a packet since.

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