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Whats the best electronic cigarette in the uk ?

Looking to get one and looking for peoples opinions on ones they own that they think are good.

Posted by JrJ
David Fripp

I am very happy with Smoker's Halo from www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk, and their after sales support is excellent. I would also suggest, whatever brand you pick, make sure it's a member of the e-cigarette trade association in the UK, ECITA, which is the closest thing to a regulatory body so far. I would also suggest you have a look on YouTube for plenty of opinions on different brands.

What is a good electronic cigarette uk?

I bought an ego-c e cig and iv had to send it back as iv had loads of problems with the atomizers stopping working quickly and most of the replacement atomizers not working at all. Id like to buy a similar product that has no problems. Could anyone suggest an alternative and a good websight for the uk to buy it from. Thanx.

Posted by petee p
David Fripp

Hello petee p. :)

I am an e-cig user for almost two years and I can recommend you what I am using right now because it really satisfies my craving and it gives me the best smoking experience. It's Skycig Electronic Cigarette – It gives me freedom to smoke. Just a thought. Hope it helps you!

What is in a njoy electronic cigarette?

Plz help me.

Posted by
David Fripp

NJOY Electronic Cigarettes are a revolutionary new smoking alternative. They look, feel and taste like actual cigarettes but rather than burning tobacco you inhale a warm and soothing nicotine (optional) based water vapor that is free from harmful additives, carcinogens and tar commonly found in tobacco. NJOY cigarettes replicate the smoking experience while giving you your nicotine fix and satisfying your cravings. But what makes NJOY Cigarettes even better than the real thing is that because NJOY cigarettes do not contain tobacco, they can therefore be used in places where smoking is usually prohibited such as bars, restaurants, and the work place. NJOY electronic cigarettes are even approved by the TSA, which means they can be smoked in airports and on approved airplanes.

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