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Electronic cigarette restrictions?

I'm 16 and want an e cig. I know in my state you have to be 18 to BUY them but I see people even younger than me puffing. And I don't understand because I've tried looking up these questions and answers but they're all advertisements. Is there an age limit on SMOKING them and are there non nicotine cartridges and drops that I can buy?
How much is a decent one?
Where do I get one?

Posted by Emma
David Fripp

Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, are battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of nicotine through a vaporized solution contained in cartridges inserted into the device. No smoke or combustion is involved; the device emits only vapor when used.

Use in California

Currently there is no California or federal law that restricts where people can use e-cigarettes. Unless your local smokefree law defines “smoking” to include e-cigarette use, the use of this product may be legal in places where smoking cigarettes is prohibited. If you are in California and you are uncertain whether your local smokefree air law prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in public places, we can review your local ordinance. If your community would like to amend its local ordinance to ban the use of e-cigarettes in places smoking is prohibited, our model smokefree housing, recreational areas, and beaches ordinances have language that could be adapted for that purpose.

Voluntary policies may also be used to restrict e-cigarette use. Businesses and private property owners can adopt policies to restrict or prohibit the use of e-cigarettes on their premises. Employers may adopt such policies with regard to their employees, and landlords can include lease provisions prohibiting tenants from smoking e-cigarettes.

Sale in California

California law prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to minors (California Health and Safety Code § 119405). In most local tobacco retailer licensing laws in California, selling e-cigarettes to a minor is a license violation. E-cigarette violations can currently be enforced because tobacco retailer licensing laws automatically incorporate new tobacco control laws as soon as they go into effect.

Local governments in California also can create a new law to require a business have a tobacco retailer license to sell e-cigarettes. If you are in California, we are funded to review your community's current licensing ordinance at no charge to see if it covers e-cigarettes, and help draft language to amend the law to include these devices.

E-cigarette restrictions in other locations

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently said it interprets the federal regulations that prohibit smoking on airplanes to apply to e-cigarettes. Several state and local governments have also enacted laws that restrict the sale or use of e-cigarettes. For example, New Jersey law restricts the use of e-cigarettes in workplaces and other indoor public places, and prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. The states of Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Tennessee, as well as Washington State’s King, Spokane, and Tacoma Counties, are also examples of jurisdictions that prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.[1]

For more information about the state of federal law with regard to e-cigarettes, please see our our fact sheet “Electronic Cigarettes: How They Are – and Could Be – Regulated," and our FAQ “Are E-Cigarettes Regulated by the FDA?”

If you have any questions about e-cigarettes or if you would like us to review your local ordinance to see if it prohibits the use or sale of e-cigarettes, please contact us. (Please note, we are only funded to provide free technical assistance within the State of California. If you are located outside of California and would like us to review your ordinance, we can do so for a fee.)

Electronic Cigarette?

I have been smoking for 6 years regularly, and 2 years slightly before that. I am tired of feeling out of breath all the time, coughing up flem, not being able to sing anymore, and worrying about getting some type of cancer and not being around for my son. I know I should have thought about all of his before I started smoking but I was young and carefree and just plain stupid. I've seen the commercials on tv for the electronic cigarettes and I would like to try them. I don't have enough will power to stop cold turkey. Believe me, I've tried several times. I want to find a way to be able to act as if I'm smoking a cigarette but no longer having health risks due to smoking tobacco. I've tried chewing on gum, a straw, mints and tooth picks. I've also tried the patches and the gum. So far nothing has worked. I've thought about trying chantex but have heard horrible things about the side affects. Has anyone tried using the electronic cigarettes and did it work for you?

Posted by Courtney Gilliland
David Fripp

Electronic cigarettes worked for me and may work for you with little or no withdraw. My personal experience was: it took 2 weeks to completely quit smoking traditional cigarettes (known as analogs). I was a little "testy" during that time but quickly made the switch and liked it.

I like smoking to much to quit so electronic cigarettes were the next best option. My main motivation however was to save money and I pay roughly 1/3 the amount for ecigs now as I did for analogs.

I suggest trying a brand the resembles a normal cigarette first. You can find brands that have a charge pack that's the same size and shape of a regular pack of cigarettes; the point of doing this is to replicate the act of smoking as closely as possible to ease your transition.

The FDA has not approved ecigs as a cessation device and you won't be able to quit you'll simply be switching to something cheaper and healthier that you'll probably like it better!

Should I buy electronic cigarette?

I use to smoke mild ciagarettes. Now planning to quit. I generally smoke to pass time which i think and to get feel good. Does electronic cigarette help me? I like big much smoke as in hokkah.
Please suggest. How will it feel exactly?

Posted by Business
David Fripp

Electronic cigarette can have chemicals in it to take you down off the regular cigarette. Just like the gum, patch, etc. It can work for someone who'd like to quit. Whether you're successful or not depends on you and your ability to stick with a particular habit/regimen. To each his own.

Some electronic cigarettes have different flavors other than nicotine (I guess for those not addicted to smoking but would like to simulate smoking). They have the same mechanism though and pretty much you're inhaling and releasing aerosol mist. The technology itself is not new has been around for years, however, there hasn't been many controlled studies or publicaitons regarding the effects or even effectiveness of these electronic cigarettes.

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