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Learn how to make your own electronic cigarette vapor liquid pot?

PlZ help me.

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David Fripp

Why spend hundreds of dollars on liquid for your electronic cigarettes when you can make your own? The tutorial covers how to make ANY TYPE of vapor liquid smoke base your heart desires. From tobacco juice to herbal vitamin juice, you can even take any herbal extract and add it! By following some basic rules, your vapor liquid will be safe, effective and affordable enough to really enjoy the benefits of using an electronic cigarette or vaporizer. This tutorial is for educational and scientific research only. The tutorial will cover how to make any kind of vapor liquid you could ever want. I cover recipes like: tobacco juice liquid smoke, herbal and tea liquid smoke and various methods and tips used to create these liquids safely.

Best tasting e cigarette liquid?

Anyone know what the best tasting e-cigarette liquid for marlboro lights is? I've tried about 2 diff ones from different companies and they are all sweet =( anyone know a website that has the e-cig liquid for marlbor lights that actually tastes like it?

Posted by ang
David Fripp

Being that you didn't include what you have tried specifically, its hard to point you in a good direction.

Mostly – you are NOT going to find a liquid that tastes exactly like burning tobacco because you aren't burning tobacco. You just need to find a liquid that you can accept as an alternative to that with a similar flavor. MANY people do, so you aren't alone there and its not as hard as it seems.

What I would suggest is reading some reviews on some forums and watching some on you tube. GrimmGreen and BigIceDog have some great reviews out and are known in the e-cig community for their honesty.

As far as forums, try and and read through their review sections. Both forums have vendor sub-forums for further info and links to their sites. Also both have lots of info that can help steer you in the right direction for flavors.
Don't forget – taste is very subjective so what someone declares as the perfect liquid may not exactly be yours too. Checking out some sampler packs might help.

Good Luck and Happy Vaping.

Chinese green cigarette liquid?

I just went outside and some chinese foreign exchange kids were smoking yuxi red cigarettes, they told me to try one but they took out this tiny glass bottle with green liquid in it and put a drop of it on the mouth of the filter before giving it to me to smoke. What is this liquid? It smelled kind of fruit like but tasted sort of gingery; any ideas? I tried to read the bottle but it was all in chinese and they just said "oh its good, you will like it," what was this green liquid? Why do you put it on cigarettes? Was I drugged?

Posted by English
David Fripp

No idea, but if you were "drugged" you would know.

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