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What chemicals are in electronic cigarette liquid?

Hey say its without the harmful chemicals and tar but how do we know they’re not putting other kinds of chemicals in it that are worse than real cigarettes?
Help me.

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David Fripp

The electronic cigarette also known as an e cigarette or electric cigarettes is a truly ingenious product that enables the smoker to actually smoke but without having to inhale any of the 4000 plus chemicals found in the standard cigarette. When you buy an electronic cigarette it provides the smoker with a way to enjoy a real smoking experience without the side effects of regular tobacco based cigarettes. An ecigarette looks just like a normal cigarette, tastes like one and even provides smoke when inhaled (in the form of vapour), and provides the smoker with a hit of nicotine but without the smell, tobacco, tar and many thousand chemicals.


I really didnt know what category to put this in so i thought this is the most popular place sooo…
I read somewhere before that you can make a liquid solution to dip your cigarettes in and when they dry you smoke them and get a high similar to the effects of salvia, only not as long
anyone know what this is? Or if you know anythings similar to this then please share
best answer gets best answer (how surprising)

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David Fripp

I did this experiment… I've bought some russian cigarettes (they are much more cheaper and the same quality) from internet and tryed to make smth…

It's pretty cool you know. Who didn't try, must try… Specific taste.

Where can I buy e-cigarette liquid?

Is there a cheaper place to buy e-liquid for the E-Cigarette E9 ( other then this site. Only wondering because the shipping on each of the products are about 20 bucks. Thanks again.

Posted by icors2
David Fripp

I've seen some at a local smoke shope. I use blu brand e-cigs and no liquid is needed.