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Can you take electronic cigarette liquid on a plane?

I'm flying to Portugal tomorrow and it suddenly dawned on me that because i'm only taking hand luggage i'm going to be taking the liquid for my electronic cigarettes on the flight. Now i know i cannot smoke it on there but can the bottles be carried on? They come clear bottles of 50ml or less. I have a couple to take, most are half full. Anyone know if i'm allowed to do this?


Posted by Chris
David Fripp

I know an electronic cigarette company they might tell you i.e www.electro-light.co.uk.

Does any e-cigarette liquid work on any brand of e-cigarette?

Like if i got a duo pro or whatever brand e-cig. Culd i use .. Say vapor king liquid to fill it?

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David Fripp

Yes you can use ANY e liquid in any E Cigarette,Just try to make sure you get the filling in the cartridge rid of the previous flavor as you might get a mix of 2 flavors which can be nasty.

Electronic Cigarettes Zero Nicotine Liquid Safe?

Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read my question.

I used to smoke pot and I've officially kicked that nasty habit (almost 2 yrs clean I think) and after that I smoked cigars on and off for a while and I haven't had one in a few months now but I do still go the the hookah bar every now and again (maybe 4 times a year haha not much at all). Anyways my friend has a personal vaporizer or ecig or electronic cigarette, whichever you wanna call it and I really like it. I was tempted to have a cigar with my friend the other night and decided against it but I ordered one of the ecigs last night and I've been doing some reading to learn like how they work and what mods you can do to them (I'm kinda dorky) but I've found some things that say they aren't good for your health?

I'm only going to vape that zero nicotine liquids because obviously nicotine is an addictive poisonous chemical. I wanna know are the zero nicotine liquids safe? Because I could care less if its got nicotine in it but all my buddys still smoke and id like to just take the temptation away from myself and if I could get them to start vaping instead of smoking that would be a bonus. Ecig with zero nicotine seemed like a good idea for me but I don't wanna do it if its not safe.

Lastly please don't post an answer if you're going to get all defensive about smoking cigarettes, I don't care if you do it or if you don't, I just want info for myself.

Thanks again :]

Posted by akaCsquared
David Fripp

There are far fewer chemicals in e-liquids than in cigarettes. The thing you want to watch out for is what the e-liquid base is made of. Most are VG which aren't as good for you, you want Propylene Glycol as the base for it, much safer.

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