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How is liquid Nitrogen formed?

Wat isotope of nitrogen does it come from if it does at all and how do you make it a liquid
What isotope of Nitrogen is compressed if it matter how is it formed and i dont want answers from wiki if its not 2 much trouble.

Posted by J M0C
David Fripp

Liquid nitrogen (liquid density at the triple point is 0.807 g/mL) is the liquid produced industrially in large quantities by fractional distillation of liquid air and is often referred to by the abbreviation, LN2. It is pure nitrogen, in a liquid state.

Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic fluid which is potentially capable of causing instant frostbite on contact with living tissue. When appropriately insulated from ambient heat, liquid nitrogen can be stored and transported without significant evaporative losses.

Is water the only naturally occuring liquid?

If not…what other natural liquids are there?

Posted by alkdjf
David Fripp

There are many naturally occuring liquids

lots of these liquids, in nature, are diluted or mixed with water, but not all of them

the examples of liquids mixed with water are many an easy

your blood has water as the primary solvent but there are many liquid phase (these could be separated from the blood and would still be a liquid) oranic chemicals mixed in it, like testosterone, or adrenaline

liquids without any water mixed with them are a little harder to identify but they exist in nature, often part of plants or animals (I'm not sure if snake venom or rubber plant sap has much water mixed in it, the oils that our skin exudes are non-aqueous)

because there is so much water in the enviroment in general, we rarely find pools of liquids that are not already mixed with water, but virtually all natural water sources have some amount of non-water liquid in them

under the ground where there is less exposure to liquid water we find many organic liquids (like petroleum – crude oil)

off the earth, there are planets and moons where liquid water doesn't exist (too cold) that have other liquids (like ammonia, or methane) depending on the temperature.

Liquid paint OR dried paint…….? ?

What is the difference in weight between liquid paint and dried paint…….?

Posted by magichand
David Fripp

Liquid paint has a liquid in it. Dried paint is pure paint with no liquid. Taking the same number of mole of paint (n/mol), both dried and liquid, the liquid would have more mass.(or weight). Due to the liquid added to it.
N = m/M
since M (molar mass) is the same, n varies directly with m.

I.e. M(dry paint) > m(liquid paint) when volumes are equal!

But i have a question: were you talking chemistry?


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