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Nicotine in the Ecig?

So I just bought an ecig and it have nicotine in it will it affect my running?

Posted by Jim
David Fripp

It depends.most ecig contains few nicotine and are much healthier than traditional common paper-case cigarete.a few ecigs are different,in which coantains more nicotine than common cigarette.I just which kind of cigarete you get ?and what's the brand?

Which Ecig to buy? Refillable?

I'm trying to find an e-cig that i can simply purchase marlboro flavor and refill the cartridges but I cannot seem to find an easy site to read. I found one site that listed about 20 different types of e-cigs.

Posted by syllinx
David Fripp

I smoked Marlboro Mediums for years and I smoke Mistic ecigs. They have different strengths but 1.8% is the strongest and it was plenty for me. You buy the starter pack which is about $30 and the refill packs are $15 for 5 cartridges, I smoked almost a pack a day and one cartridge lasts me a day. I've tried all kinds of Ecigs and there are very few I've found that taste good. NJoy is another one but I found it not to be strong enough. I also like Blu and they're easy to get, most tobacco stores sell them but they taste a little different but I like them just fine. The only bad thing about Mistic is where I'm from they are hard to find. Hope this helps. I've been smoking my ecigs for 3 years and haven't had a "real" one since. Good luck!

What do we think about ecigs?

I've stopped smoking for nearly a month now with the help with ecigs, the one with liquid, I'm liking it and don't crave for the real thing and using it less and less!! Just wanted to know of I'm classed a none smoker really and that I am doing my body some good?

Posted by scampy
David Fripp

I'm pleased they are working for you. There are swings and roundabouts to ecigs. I smoke them too btw, but I still have normal cigarettes, but only smoke about 10 a week, as opposed to the 40 per day I used to smoke. I started on the ecigs in August.

Electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine, however contain no smoke which is harmful to the lungs. Nicotine is not without its own health risks and can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases like stroke, coronary heart disease and Peripheral arterial disease. However others do claim that nicotine can have some health benefits, although because reasearch into this is controversial, little research into it has been funded, and most of the research is highly theoretical. However a study was done which showed that nicotine may reduce some of the symptoms of schizophrenia and one showed that nicotine may releive some of the symptoms of Alzheimers disease.

Quitting smoking is also associated with acute depression. Smokers have higher suicide rates, but this is probably because they are more likely to smoke, or have difficulty in quitting smoking if they are depressed to begin with. After six months of smoking cessation, the risk of depression seems to return to what it was before the person gave up.

There are a few occasions where you may enjoy the nicotine rush, and ecigs can acheive this. Often it will not feel the same at first, but this is because of being psychologically used to the feeling of the smoke for so long, however e lights are still giving you the same drug.

Regarding smoking them, the problem is they are addictive themselves and coming off them completely can be like withdrawing from cigarettes. The main thing is now if you do decide to come off them and you find it difficult and start to crave, you risk resorting to normal cigarrettes because you have done this for longer than what you have been smoking ecigs. A good idea would be to always keep ecigs and filters at home when you quit because otherwise you may get stressed one time and buy cigarrettes because they are more available. Availablity is one of the problems with e cigs, having to charge them, and short battery life. Its good to keep a spare one too incase you lose your ecig.

Regarding the harmful smoke to your lungs, you are doing your lungs a lot of good by having the ecigs. You will always have more chance of getting lung cancer than someone who has never smoked, but the longer you stay off the normal cigarettes, the more your body will repair itself and the more your chance of getting lung cancer will drop. Lung cancer of course is not the only problem with smoking, its also chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This does not seem to scare smokers as much, but it should. Actually it does eventually lead to death from other complications like pneumonia or lung failure if smoking is continued. It can start as young as the age of 50 in some heavy smokers, and these people have problems with exertion and in some cases hardly ever leave the house because they get tired easily. Some depend on oxygen. In any heavy smoking, respiratory fitness will be compromised. Some older people who quit smoking still go on to develop it, because it is a disease of aging and if they are older when they give up, they cannot repair all the damage, and if you wait too long the damage will be irreversable.

I think the most difficult challenge with ecigs is that not many people smoke them, so you have to get over that social smoking with other smokers who are smoking the cigarettes you are more used to. Remember though, at least you can smoke the ecigs anywhere you want. Must be nice now you can have them indoors.

After all that negative stuff, you are doing really well to be just one the ecigs. Keep it up, but remember the challenge if you decide to give these up, will be like giving up cigarettes, only you must go back on ecigs and not cigarettes. Ecigs do take a while to get used to and you have done well to get used to them so quickly.

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