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0 mg nicotine ecigarette?

I'm looking for the best quality ecigarette that's 40$ or less if possible. 0 mg (nicotine free) or something simular.

Any recommendations? Where can I find compatible 0 mg cartridges?

Posted by Michael C
David Fripp

Yes, plenty of options. Go to for a variety at lower prices. Got a blu pack from them. Perfect.

Rechargeable ehookah or ecigarette without nicotine?

Does anyone have a rechargeable ecigarette or ehookah in mind that has been around a while, contains no nicotine and cartridges are easy to get/you can just put regular tobacco or hookah into it and smoke it?
Lava, I am looking for something that works like a pipe (i.e. Put tobacco, or hookah into it also if you can), only is electric.

Something that's going to be around when i.e. BLU and their 'cartridge' technology stop being available.

And also, as for tobacco being harmful, Mr. Winston Churchhill smoked 8 cigars a day for who knows how long and lived until 90. The oldest woman in the world (French lady) was also a smoker. So to believe that tobacco causes harm…well yeah, it does, to infants and toddlers maybe. Just as alcohol would. Or giving them solid food.

Posted by K
David Fripp

Well nothing has been around "awhile" it's all fairly new.

Starbuzz has come out with their new eHose which is amazing, Got one and it's incredible. Problem is it's a bit pricey, but it is nicotine free. It's made by square.

Square is one of the "older" brands on the market and I have had good luck with them.

Where to buy ecigarettes?

About to buy some ecigarettes on Http://
looks like they are based in NC
would you recommend them?

Posted by very Curious
David Fripp

Please look ecigarettes at Amazon.


Hope this help.

Good Luck.

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