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Where can I buy BLU ecigs online in the UK?

I see they have launched but I can't seem to find them anywhere – wanna try them!!

Posted by Steven
David Fripp

Hi, I get my eciggs from these guys: Http://…
They seem to have a good range including Blu.

Trusted E-Cig sites uk?

Okay i have been vaping for a while, but recently my atomizers have messed up, i used to get my e-cigs from amazon, but unfortunatly they have stopped doing them or atleast most of them, ebay just dont have any, so i want to buy one from a e-cig site but there are so many untrusted sites that will charge about 200£ for delivery, pleaser i want to quit smoking and i need an ecig :) uk sites only please.

Posted by Alex Pyle
David Fripp

Take a visit to this UK forum, the locals are always willing to help with any questions – Http://

What shops in the uk stock the electronic cigarette?

I have been searching online for the electric cigarette, but i want to actually feel what ones like before i buy it. Does anybody know what shop sells them? Preferably in london/essex. Thanks.

Posted by
David Fripp

Some Tesco stores sell ecigs but I don't think you can try before you buy.

This is a good independent online forum where the members might be able to help you further: Http://

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