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What is electronic cigarette?

What exactly is e-cigarette ? How does it work ? What is its purpose ? Will it work even in Outer Space/Under Water ?

Posted by Suave04
David Fripp

The E-Cigarette is one of the newest and most successful alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes on the market today. Thanks to brand new technology, smokers can finally enjoy smoking whenever they want and wherever they want. The electronic cigarette looks and acts like a real cigarette in every way except that it does not burn any tobacco. Since the e-cigarette is a non-flammable and non-tobacco product this means it has none of the harmful effects that are found with smoking traditional cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette is the tobacco alternative that smokers all over the world have been waiting for. No more putting up with increased taxes and prices that make smoking nearly impossible. Smokers can finally smoke in places where traditional tobacco cigarettes are banned, giving them back their freedom to enjoy their habit wherever they want. The electronic cigarette is sweeping accross nations all around the world!

Don't spend another day being stuck in the rut of tobacco cigarettes, join the growing number of smokers getting their freedoms back today!

Electronic cigarettes, it's a new generation of smoking!

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