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Cigarette laws in the Uk?

I'm under 16 and the police caught me smoking in front of my school, I'm not scared or anything especially because my tabocco was bought in Italy and my parents know I smoke so would cover up for me but I'm just curious is it illegal to smoke if I'm under 16 or just buying cigarettes?
I did state I bought it in Italy.

Posted by PeeJay
David Fripp

I don't know about the UK, but in the USA the rule is whoever sold you the cigarettes is the one actually commiting the crime. Though I wouldn't smoke them at all if I were you.

What to say when buying cigarettes in UK?

Im 17 and 18 in a day or two

i smoke but i usually just buy off my mates….. I dont usually care about a make or brand and i dont know how many you buy at a time

so im wondering when i go into a shop in the uk what would i say to buy cigarettes?

Posted by Nezman
David Fripp

Well in the US i say can i get a pack of nat shermans hint of mint (yea i smoke fancy cigs) im sure it cant be that much different in the UK. Just ask for a pack of whatever you like smoking the best.

Can I Bring a Carton of Cigarettes into UK in my Luggage?

I am going to be in UK on holiday for about 4 weeks, I have heard that a pack of cigarettes in London costs like 7-10 Euros??
That is insanely high for me, Can I bring with me a Carton with 10 packs of 20 ciggs each for my Personal use, I'll be brining it in my suitcase or my Backpack. Will I be stopped and harassed for them when entering UK?

Also, if anyone has heard of 'Dokha' which is an Arabic tobacco available where I live and its perfectly legal here, can I bring like 200 grams of it with me aswell, also a smoking pipe with it (looks like a weed pipe, issues?)

Thanks, Ohh one last question.. How much does the average pint of Beer cost at bars around London, and can I freely buy alcohol from liquor stores. (expensive?)

Posted by John
David Fripp

Assuming you are coming from outside the European Union (I'm assuming you're American as you are asking from the US Yahoo! Site), you can bring in one carton of 200. Buy it at the duty free shop at the airport, where it will be cheaper than normal. You cannot bring in any more or any other kind of tobacco in addition unless you pay customs duty on it. Http://www.heathrow-airport-guide.co.uk/… To pay, go through the "Goods to declare" red channel at customs after baggage reclaim at the UK airport and show them what you have. If you're below the duty-free limits, go through the "Nothing to declare" green channel.

I don't know where you got the idea that the UK uses euros. You're going to have a rude shock if you've changed money into them. We use pounds and the average price of a packet of 20 in London at the moment is around £8. We may be part of the EU but we have kept out of its common currency for good reasons that are now only too apparent to Greece, and the rest of the Eurozone which is having to bail its economy out.

A pint of beer in a London pub costs £3-£4. What Americans know as beer is known as lager in the UK, as we have plenty of beers of our own. The old joke is that British beer is warm and flat, while our view is that it should be still and served with the chill off. Try some – I rather like IPA (India Pale Ale), Boddington's, and Theakston's, and you will find that any pub attached to a brewery will feature what that brewery produces, naturally. A definite favourite of mine is Chiswick Bitter, which you can only get in a Fuller's pub. (Their best seller is London Pride, which I don't like at all.) And pubs, or indeed anywhere else indoors in a public building, are non-smoking by law. If you want a cigarette with your pint, take it outside.

If you are over 18, you can freely buy alcohol from anywhere licensed to sell it, which includes supermarkets. Liquor stores are known as off-licences but most of us buy it along with our food shopping – the off-licence we had in my local high street closed down some time ago. I can't comment on whether its expensive as I don't know what you're used to, but it will certainly be cheaper than in a pub.

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