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How Does the Electronic Cigarette Work?

Is electronic cigarette is successful.

Posted by Bijay Singh
David Fripp

An Electronic Cigarette is a battery operated smoking device. The rechargeable device contains no tobacco and requires no flame. It produces a vapor without tar but with better flavor than traditional cigarettes.

The e-cigarette consists of a battery, a heating element (atomizer or vaporizer), and a cartridge. The cartridge is the mouth piece and contains the flavor and nicotine.

When you inhale through the device the heating element vaporizes a nicotine solution stored in the cartridge. An LED on the opposite end of the device simulates a glow during inhalation.

Electronic Cigarettes are very popular and work very well.

What are the safest herbal cigarettes?

My friends all smoke cigarettes around me when im with them and its really tempting me to smoke with them but i really dont want to get addicted or destroy my lungs, which is why im looking at buying herbal cigarettes so that i can smoke with them and they dont offer me cigarettes. What herbal cigarettes are the safest (least tar, carbon monoxide, etc.) I know it sounds dumb but please help me out!
And please dont say "dont smoke" or "smokings dumb" or anything like that, i know it is im just doing it so my friends will stop trying to tempt me into smoking and they can think i smoke with them and all the pressure goes away. Im doing this for my own health in a way___-

Posted by Bob S
David Fripp

Herbal cigarettes aren't safe, they just aren't chemically addicting. You have terrible friends if they are pressuring you to smoke. And herbal cigarettes smell worse than regular cigarettes, and your friends will probably hate that you smoke those. They will be pressuring you even more to switch to regular cigarettes. And the way I see it is that for you going to herbal cigarettes is just a stepping stone to going to regular cigarettes. You're giving in part way, which will lead you to smoking tobacco. It's not going to help you at all.

Help about cigarettes?

I want to know some kinds of female cigarettes , what shall i get?
And what kind will harm less..

Posted by
David Fripp

No cigarettes will harm less! Whether they are full-flavor/lights/ultras, regular/menthol, all cigarettes pose health risks.

Having said that, the most popular cigarettes that are marketed towards women are Virginia Slims (I occasionally smoke the VS Gold 120's, when I need something a bit stronger). VS comes in 100's or 120's, regular/menthol, full-flavor/lights/ultras, and superslims. Other brands include Mistys (a bargain brand), Capri (exclusively in superslims), and Eve (exclusively in 120's, I primarily smoke the Amethysts).

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