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Can I get a free electronic cigarette starter kit for military ?

I'm currently serving and was wondering where I could get free or low cost electronic cigarettes, I've read that some companies provide these for free to the military.

Posted by donny
David Fripp

The only electronic cigarette deal that I've seen offering a free kit for military folks after rebate is South Beach Smoke that just came out with the deal here recently. Their e-cig starter kit is $29.99 to start and military get a rebate for the cost of a kit after 30 days and there is a money-back guarantee with the brand.

I need a V2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Coupon Code Please..?

I am ordering a Starter kit, and i need a coupon code to get 15% off.. Thank You.

Posted by Kristine M
David Fripp

ECN15 15% off starter kit

ECN 10% off all accessories

however wasn't really satisfying with my V2. The battery broke after two week. It ran out so it plug it in. After i charged it for 2 hours that LED light just keep flashing. It doesn't emit vapor any more. I ordered new battery and it is working now..but battery dead after two weeks is not acceptable.

I want to switch to using electronic cigarettes but… I need help!?

I want to switch to using electronic cigarettes but I need help with the different models. E juice? Cartomizers? What? Plus all the places I looked up are super pricey! Does anyone have a suggestion on a website and products a beginner should buy… Thanks.

Posted by TiffanyCharee
David Fripp

I would check out Http://www.electroniccigarettesfast.com,” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Http://www.electroniccigarettesfast.com, they have the best price on electronic cigarette starter kits I could find on the web. They carry the two piece e-cigarette which is a better choice than the 3 piece. I started with a 3 piece and hated it! It was a mess. The two piece electronic cigarette from Http://www.electroniccigarettesfast.com works great and you can't beat the price at only $20 for an e-cigarette starter kit.

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