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Gonna try e cig, which starter kit to choose?

I am looking to buy a electronic cigarette starter kit which can give up to 300 puffs and comes with a fully charged battery and can produce superior vapor. Any suggestion?

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David Fripp

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Best electronic cigarette starter kit?

I'm a true newbie to this subject, but I'm hoping to replace smoking real cigarettes with electronic ones. Nicotine is a necessary evil, for the moment, so I'm shooting for a solid starter kit that I can order bulk liquid nicotine for.

I've been considering Blu's starter kit. For the buck, it seems the way to go, but I've heard the average charge allows 6 to 7 hits vs. 10 to 15 of some others. I've also heard that some archaic ones only allow one hit per 15 minutes, so don't mention those products, please.

I understand 40 to 60mg of nicotine can be lethal, so I'm wondering what the average hit would be with 24mg nicotine. I shoot for 2.0mg+ cigarettes, so I'm probably getting less than 0.2mg per hit now, likely 10 to 15 hits per cig. I wouldn't want to go over 0.5mg per hit with e-cigs.

Thank you for your time.

Posted by Joe Blow
David Fripp

Blu? – No – you can get an equal e-cig or a better e-cig for less money.

Go here: Vapersforum.com and look at some reviews on youtube
they will help you find what you're looking for. Its just a forum – unbranded – so you'll get the info you want and options on e-cigs that don't come from salespeople pushing you into something they want you to buy.

You're too technical on the nic strength for me for today – I could handle: I smoke this brand and X cigs per day. LOL

You are completely off on the charges, even on the Joye 510 which is a great little e-cig, one of the most popular, the battery will last around an hour of HEAVY vaping. I'd say you really need to learn a little about these. You won't regret it.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy future vaping.

Cheapest electronic cigarette kit?

Where can I buy an inexpensive electronic cigarette starter kit? I'm looking for something around $20 or less, including shipping.

Do not post anything about it being bad for your health or telling me not to buy them. That's not what I'm asking, and I will report you.

Posted by Tanya
David Fripp

The only ones that I have found in that price range are disposables. They cannot be recharged, don't have a replaceable cartridge, you just use them until they quit then throw them away. The link I have posted below is for one of them.

I have an NJoy e cigarette that I bought cheaper at a local truckstop than I could have gotten it from the manufacturer's website. It was still $70, though. My boss allows me to use it at work, since I no longer disappear for a break, but stay at my bench, he thinks it's cool.

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