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Where can I find a decent free e-cigarette starter kit?

I've been smoking for four years and i'm trying to find an option to help me quit. I've been looking into "e-cigarettes" and I can't seem to find a free starter kit to experiment with and see if it will work for me. Any suggestions?

Posted by gigglez
David Fripp

I know of no reputable company that gives away free starter kits. Do a search for "electronic cigarette scam" you will find out about some of the companies that claim to have free starter kits. The best way to go is to order from a reputable company like GreenSmoke. They have a 30-day money back guarantee and they do what they promise. Their batteries have a one year warranty. I had one battery go bad after 4 months and they sent me a new one really fast. You have to call or email them to let them know. You send them the bad battery. Anyway, I use my electronic cigarette every day and I really like it. If you are interested you can use my personal discount code disc10-15213 for orders $100 or more. Use disc5-15213 for orders under $100.

Do you need a starter kit to use Finiti e-cigarettes?

I want to try out the Finiti e-cigarettes, but I notice there is a starter kit for a cost of around $40. In addition to the starter kit, there appears to be a single e-cigarette also that cost $9.99 each. My question is, do I need the starter kit to use these single e-cigarettes that are sold for $9.99? Also, would love to hear any comments from anyone who has actually used the Finiti brand e-cigarettes. Thanks!

Posted by kaylynn36
David Fripp

Nope. If it's just the pack with the actual e-cigarette in it then you can just smoke it. You should buy one of the singles before the starter kit to make sure you like it.

I don't smoke cigarettes myself, but from what I've heard most smokers who have tried electronic cigarettes enjoy them (though most of them smoked Blu cigarettes instead of the Finiti). But a huge majority of smokers still smoke regular cigarettes.

Also, apparently a lot of the single electronic cigarettes are duds. People returned them sometimes claiming that they didn't work.

Electronic cigarettes?

Posted by Geri E
David Fripp

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