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Where top buy electronic cigarettes in singapore?

Even though the ban on e-ciggies in Singapore is in effect currently. I am sure that there still somebody or some shop still secretly selling them. After all no everything is 100%, so does anyone know where to purchase e-ciggies by hook or by crook? Those who are residing in singapore currently may answer.

Posted by Alochong
David Fripp

I am sure that you can order them via internet! It is cheaper and you will not break law!
And you should try greensmoke – Http://

because I had tried many of different electronic cigarette brands and the best one is Green Smoke! It has great vapor and high quality battery!
And on "pack of cigarettes" will cost you ~1$

+ you can get 10% discount with this coupon: disc10-14031.

(e cigarettes) out of these brands in the link what is the best brand.?

And also what would the top 4 be and why?
And what brand produces the most vapor?
Thanks :) the link = Http://

Posted by lol
David Fripp

I use Green Smoke as my primary electronic ciagrette because they have tons of nicotine strenths and flavors and no nicotine too. Just flavor. They have tobacco, menthol, apple, strawberry, chocolate, mocha, vanilla, Red label.
Here is there website: Http://
and a 10% off coupon code: disc10-22568.

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