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Where to buy electronic cigarettes?

Where to buy electronic cigarettes?

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David Fripp

Hello MC,

I agree with Lisa: stay away from mall kiosk. Never heard anything good about them.

The question really is *which* electronic cigarette to buy.

The answer is not simple because it depends on you, your preferences, your budget, and which features are right for you. Once you decide on the features then you can pick the right one.

This e-cigarette buying guide will help you choose:

Is vapours electronic cigarette (india) worth buying?

I have seen the site of vapours electronic cigarette www.vapours.in . Its available india. But was thinking whether it is worth buying. Anyone has any idea?

Posted by rahulFirst Name
David Fripp

Hi Rahu,
•VAPOURS recreates a smoking experience which is very similar to traditional smoking. The electronic cigarette looks, feels, tastes and smokes like a real cigarette and it offers smokers the pleasure of smoking without the worry of harmful side-effects.
•The electronic cigarette should be used as a harm reduction technique.
•The electronic cigarette does not need ignition, it lights automatically when drawn on and will switch off automatically.
•VAPOURS contains a nicotine cartridge, and atomiser, a smart chip controller and a built in lithium battery.
•VAPOURS is an innovative and revolutionary device. The electronic cigarette is powered by the latest microelectronic technology in the form of the atomiser. The atomiser heats up automatically when the smoker inhales or draws on the cigarette.
•The heated atomiser then converts the liquid nicotine, contained within the cartridge into a vapour which is similar to normal cigarette smoke.
•The vapour which in inhaled contains the nicotine which smokers crave and are addicted to.
•Smokers can finally enjoy a simulated smoking experience which does not result any side effects or health risks to themselves or those around them.
•It does not cause health risks or side effects to the smoker as it does not contain any of the 4000 chemicals present in a traditional cigarette like Tar, Carbon monoxide and tobacco e.t.c !!! Meanwhile enjoying the taste and feelings of a normal cigarette
•No bad breath or stained teeth
•It does not cause second hand health risks and side effects.
•It is not a fire hazard.
•It is cheaper saving your money than the conventional cigarette in the medium to long run.
•It can be smoked anywhere like hotels, pubs, casinos and restaurants
•Helps in quit smoking.
•Chain Smokers who want to reduce or quit smoking forever
•Smokers who want to smoke anywhere.
•People who work in no smoking environments and have a habit of smoking.
•Smokers who wish to save themselves from harmful side effects.


What are the best quality electronic cigarettes money can buy?

Iam looking for some good electronic cigarettes to buy but I dont know which ones to get and from where yet.

Posted by
David Fripp

Hey there Mike ….I would have to say If u want quality and a good price then I would recommend these Vaporboro electronic cigarettes my wife bought for me online ..Im 100 percent satisfied with the quality and goods these Vaporboro have to offer. I will remain to smoke cancer free with these for either the rest of my life or a very long time ~I hope u give these a try as I find these to be the best electronic cigarettes money can buy …you can buy these online at this adress ~~ www.nugensmokes.com/105.html~~

I wish u the best of luck to a cancer free smokeing lifestyle :) truly ur friend Robert M.

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