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Can someone please tell me disadvantages of electronic cigarettes?

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I researched electronic cigarettes for almost a month before making a purchase. Some are inexpensive; some are very expensive. Some are multicolored rainbows. Some are just plain. Some offered extremely high usage from a cartridge while some seemed more realistic. Since all the e-cigs seemed basically the same to me, I searched the internet for reviews, comments, etc. Regarding different brands and companies. The one thing that stood out in everything I read was comments regarding customer service. Or, in most cases, lack thereof. The company (eCig Hawaii) I chose seemed to jump to the forefront with great comments about their Customer Service. I sent them an e-mail with a few questions concerning their product and received an answer within about 15 minutes. My before purchase Customer Service experience was great. So, I placed an order on Wednesday. I had the product in hand on Saturday of the same week. Nice protective packaging outside. Nice inside packaging with everything sealed. I quickly read the instructions (these instructions must be read) to see how it worked and to get it charging. I found out that these units come fully charged and ready to go. The first one I tried didn't develop the volume of "smoke" vapor that I had expected. The second one worked exactly as I expected it to. The vapor looks exactly like smoke from a real cigarette. Back to that in a minute. I sent an e-mail questioning my experience with the first unit. I wasn't sure if it was defective or not. They e-mailed back to switch around the parts to see if it made any difference. It turned out to be an atomizers and they sent me a new one that very same day. Amazing. I just received the replacement part today, Wednesday, and it works perfectly. I have had this product for 5 days and am completely satisfied with it and the customer service I have received. Here are my experiences. I got the medium and high nicotine Marlboro cartridges. To me, the medium seems like a light cigarette. The high is like a full flavor cigarette. I don't know if they taste like a Marlboro as I haven't smoked any. The flavor is nice, though. Nothing offensive to me. No bad after taste or biting taste at all. I don't know how long the batteries will last me, but I am still on the original charge. I am on my second cartridge. But, my smoke habits won't be like anyone else's. I am still smoking some regular cigarettes and using this product as well. I did not buy this product to quit smoking. But, an interesting side effect for me is that I'm only smoking 4-5 real cigarettes a day since beginning my e-smoking. I do keep it with me most all times and when I get the urge to smoke, I'll take a few puffs. Everything's working as I thought it should. My opinion-great product and great (e Cig Hawaii) seller.

Electronic Cigarette…?

Have you tried them? Opinion?
How long do the cartridges last?
Price of the extra cartridges?

You Guys! Did I say it was for me?
And who is TDing my Buds?
Knock it off.

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this should help you. I have never heard of the electronic cigarette before your question…

NJOY Cigarette Review:
Manufacturer / Supplier: NJOY
Country: U.S.A.
Model: NCIG
Style: Pen-Style
Starter Kit Price: $74.99
Cartridge Price (5-Pack): $13.33* (if you buy 2 and get 1 free on auto refill program)
Number of flavors: 5
Nicotine Levels Offered: High, Medium, Low, Zero

Reviews appear mixed. But anything that doesn't have 45 carcinogens in it might be a gift I get my mother who still smokes depite her daughter being an oncology nurse for 20+ years

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