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Reviews on the mistic electronic cigarette?

So ive been a smoker for two years. Been on black and mild cigar about half this year and i like them much better than traditional. Today i saw the mistic at walmart and bought it. Everything is expensive online and it was cheap. Some people seem to like it so i have seen online, but what it says on the back scares me. Im afraid to inhale it because it says not to…but thats what you do when you smoke so i dont understand. My tonsils are also swollen at the moment and felt funny when i inhaled and still have an after feeling…can someone give me a review…i hope i didnt waste my money because im tired of going to the store every other day for cigars….
And the thing is i dont know if its better to smoke this than regular since no one knows if its safe or not or worse than regular. Any opinions?

Posted by Megan
David Fripp

Electronic Cigarette is the best way of fulfilling the need of nicotine for your body with out inhaling the smoke. Mistic electronic cigarette is a cheap brand among others. But the use of these cigarettes depends on the choice of the people.

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