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What are Electronic Cigarettes?

I'm confused. What the hell are they?

Posted by Noz
David Fripp

Electronic Cigarettes doesn't contain the same tar, tobacco and chemicals, that means not only is it a healthier alternative to cigarettes for the user, it is a very welcome alternative for non smokers too. For devotee, we specialize in the top Electronic Cigarettes such as electronic cigarettes cartridges, source electronic cigars, e pipe & mini electronic cigarette starter kit. Feeling luckly to get them. ————-From : Http://www.culala.com/health-beauty/elec…

Are electronic cigarettes any better than regular tabacco cigarettes?

Which is better health wise.

Posted by jose
David Fripp

Electronic cigarettes are considered by many health professionals as a healthy alternate to tobacco smoking.

Michael Siegel, a tobacco researcher at Boston University stated that they carry far fewer chemical risks than regular cigarettes. Tobacco contains about 5,000 known chemicals, he said, with as many as 100,000 more that haven't yet been identified. E-cigarettes eliminate many of those ingredients.

16 studies that analyzed the contents of electronic cigarettes. In a paper just published in the Journal of Public Health Policy, they reported that levels of certain harmful chemicals were on par with levels found in nicotine patches and hundreds of times lower than what's found in cigarettes.

What are some of the health risks associated with electronic cigarettes?

Posted by Greg
David Fripp

Lol @ the "electronic cancer" answer. Regarding kids, I really don't see them getting into ecigs. First, they like to prove they're tough, and they certainly think they're much tougher with analogs (this is only not factual to anyone who forgot what he/she was like as a kid and has no true, sincere contact with kids, meaning someone who placed kids on some surreal pedestal. Secondly, if they want something "sweet" they can have an ice cream or something – all eliquids are sweet to some extent, plus ecigs aren't sold to minors nor recommended to anyone who doesn't smoke already and these people – adults – enjoy it the way it is; in fact, they aren't interested in the taste of analogs… Thirdly, being into vaping is much like a hobby – it takes work, not like simply buying a pack of cigs and smoking them. Helth risks, hmm… Unlike what many people believe, there are already many studies (not only by brands and anti-brands but by independent scientists as well) and they all seem to point to the absence of any particular risks. Risks? Ok, some kind of possible allergy to something but that's very easily solved.

EDIT: Without meaning to sound like a fascist or something, which I've never been, I'd like to point out that one of democracy's main problems and the future cause of its obvious death is not that all are equal in the eyes of the law (I wish, but that's another matter) but that all are treated equal in the eyes of the media. Hence, I can get two thumbs down (I must say I don't care a bit even though it may seem otherwise because of this entire speech) or more, as many as anybody wants and they mean nothing. Do they mean I lied? No. Do they mean I don't know what I'm speaking of? No. Do they mean I'm not sensible? No. What do they mean? Nothing. And that's it: any idiot or psycho or maniac or neurotic or prude or ignorant is able to make this kind of "statement" that isn't scrutinized in any way and in the end, in a site that supposedly should provide people with realistic clues by people who are able to answer, nothing matters because everything's precisely the same – or so it seems, and seeming may matter more than being. That's decadence. All empires fall and ours seem to be nearing its very end.

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