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What are some of the best brands of electronic cigarettes?

Posted by William
David Fripp

Electronic cigarettes are made by a variety of different brands. Some of the most popular, by name, include AltSmoke, Electronic Cigarettes Inc., EPuffer, Green Smoke, Premium Electronic Cigarettes, the Safe Cig, White Cloud, and a number of others. These. Ones are pretty well known. Green Smoke, Premium Electronic Cigarettes, the Safe Cig, and White Cloud are the premium brands that are most popular. Hope this helps.

Hookah Electronic Cigarettes?

Do you get the same feeling from the hookah ecigs as a regular hookah?

Posted by Dylan
David Fripp

As Electronic Cigarettes grow more and more in popularity, they have been given all types of nick names… some of the recent names that have been used are Disposable hookah or E-hookah. This leaves most of the users that are new to electric cigarette network thinking, what is the difference? To solve the mystery, e-hookah or disposable hookah is just a different term for and e-cigarette or a disposable ecig in a hookah type flavor. Most Electronic hookah brands like imperial smoke usually carry a very low mg of nicotine.

Which is the best electronic cigarette brand?

I bought a cheap one from Swap Smoking to see whether I could get on with one and whether it's worth trying to replace cigarettes with one and I'm really impressed with it.

I want to buy a more expensive one though as this one seems a little unreliable and constantly needs charging.

I usually smoke Golden Virginia roll ups with a filter and smoke about 30-40 a day. I want one with the same kind of flavour although I don't really mind what I smoke as long as it's strong (ie Royals)

So does anyone have any recommendations or reviews (from personal experience)?

Thanks all :-)

Posted by Thursday Next
David Fripp

I got my electronic cig from V2 Cigs!
It arrived in the mail on the 25th in the morning!! And i have not smoked
a regular cigarette since, the amazing thing is i have basically 2 full packs on my dresser aha :P
and the urge is not even close to what i suspected it was gonna be
-fingers/clothes dont smell.. And not to mention breathe aha
-a lot cheaper
-tons of flavors to chose from
-you can pick strength of ordered cartridges [ex: 6, 12, or 18 mg] (i chose 12mg for now)
-you choose color of E cig [ex: black, white, silver]
-V2 cig starter pack comes with everything needed to get started
-also V2 Cigs give you store credit if they dont have an ordered product in stock
-you have to order cartridges ahead of time so they get there before you run out

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