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VIP Electric Cigarette: Will these take any companies cartridges?


Where can i buy refills cheap for this?

Or can i use these with it.


and these with the above link?


Also is it easy to refill yourself and is this the cheapest method?

If not can you offer exact ones that will work with this cheapest available :)

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I am sure you're doing this too piss me off -_-

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David Fripp

If you live in the USA then get your stuff from here to avoid crazy shipping fees. For e-juice u have many options. I like myfreedomsmokes, myvaporstore, and freedomsmokeusa. Just add a .com at the end.
For the devices, I did lots of research. A jany 501 or volcano magma is what u want. U can smoke by filling cartridges, or with a drip tip and atomizer for it. Same model/ design means same cartridges. USUALLY. Some exceptions apply. And to drip u need an atmozier attached and then a drip tip. Look these up on youtube for videos. Also u can use cartridges (old way), prefilled or buy blanks and u fill them. Can get messy in some cases. So if you want to consider say a volcano magma you have to watch the vid to see what fits. This guy here reviews all the main models.
Look at the side links for other models. Like the 510 review.
I personally like Volcano and their products. Seem of good quality but ejuice is overpriced imho. Like the halo juices. I am learning to mix and match and was a bit intimidated but found it rather easy and I have yet to mix something I dislike. Yes, coffee and tobacco is nice. More tobacco, like 65-35 . Hell even add vanilla. Get creative. You're vaping this stuff, not eating it.
The above models have good battery life. I have the volcano inferno, same design as the eGo -T. Tankomizers are used. It's a bigger unit and does not feel like a real cigarette so much. But the big battery means it lasts longer – for a day or two, holds more juice, much more vapor. It charges via USB or the AC outlet. I also have a USB plug-in / pass-thru battery which is chargeable and usable while on my computer. I smoke some zero nicotine juices on this every so often but mainly use it as my quitting smoking cure so I carry mainly menthol and tobacco cartridges.

Ps- at first yes this seems intimidating because of the lack of organized info on e-cigs but it's a small learning curve that I learned over say a few hrs online and looking at youtube vids to learn. Best investment I ever made. I just hope the young kids don't abuse these products, next thing you know the FDA willl over react and ban it outright.

Electronic cigarette is better?

Hi all,
I am a chain smoker since last 8 years and then i am came out from that using electronic cigarettes.Now there is no health problem for me.I am buying electronic cigarettes online through Http://www.juicycigs.co.uk it is good quality and i will recommend that .I am interested in knowing experience of electronic cigarette smokers.

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David Fripp

Hi James,

some love ecigs others don't like them. Often they don't like them because they are not ready for a change.
But thousands of tobacco smokers switched to ecigs and are happy. They continue to take their smoke breaks but eliminated tar, carcinogens, and stinky smell.

You can read some reviews and testimonies in electronic cigarette forums such as

Car cigarette adapter 3 pin uk plug?

I am making on a playseat for my logitech g25 ans i am still designing it and i was wondering to make it realistic by putting a cigarette adapter in it for several reasons but can i do this i have seen a few items but the ones i have seen have bad reviews and have blew up i was wondering if it is possible for a 240v plug for a 12v adapter or would it overload the item plugged in an is there any out there that works.

Posted by dylan e
David Fripp

You would be better using a power inverter.Machine mart do them.This will allow you to use different 12 volt gadgets off the mains supply.Hope this helps.

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