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How can I get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke on a second-hand book?

Posted by fingers
Cigarettes on show. UK. Have just been to Asda?

And seen a small member of staff trying to move huge doors on the cigarette counter to get a packet of cigs. She will have to do this for every customer.What Lunacy. Why is the booze not screened, or chocolate, or cream cakes. What have we come to.

Posted by Piran
David Fripp

Nothing should surprise you any more. We have reached the stage of stupidity in this country, laid down to be enforced by those that have abandoned common sense and have become brain dead, in my opinion.
Efforts are already under review to move Comic Books out of reach of children, because Mickey Mouse has laid one on the Cat. Its classed as too violent.
I better light another ciggy before my blood pressure goes any higher.

Where can I buy Blu E-Cigarettes in the UK?

I have read many forums and reviews and I've decided to invest in the Blu E-Cigarette but I live in England and their webiste only ships to the United States.
Does anyone know where I could buy them from in the UK, either online or in store I don't mind.
Thanks in advance .

Posted by Tom D
David Fripp

The kleeneze or betterware catalouge sell them, I cant remember which as we have both delivered! Good Luck:)

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