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Does njoy e-cig let the nicotine drip?

Out while your puffing? I want to try this one because I can purchase it locally. I ordered the Red Dragon and got it this week, and that's what happened the very first time I tried to smoke it…yuck! I'm going to send it back.
Thanks for your help.

Posted by scout
David Fripp

I think it's awesome that even after a bad experience with an e-cig you are looking for something better. Same happened to me with Smoking Everywhere e-cig.

I also think you really need some more information on e-cigs. I would go ahead and return that Red Dragon if you don't like it and check out some videos on youtube you'll get to see a lot of different models that are reviewed. Then check out some forums and read, learn and ask questions. I find the forums that aren't associated with a specific brand to be the ones with the most unbiased info. – no sales pitches from salesmen.

There are so many models of e-cigs available now with an equally wide price range. You really need to check into it more so you can find the right one for you and your smoking habits.

Check out:

Good Luck and Happy Vaping.

What is the best electronic cig?

I almost bought the v2 cig. But i wanted opinions before I went through with it. VAPOR PRODUCTION AND FLAVORS are the main importance for me.

Posted by KING
David Fripp

The review site E Cigarettes 777 is a great resource to compare Electronic Cigs and find the best one. It compares them. I used this site to find my favorite E Cig Brand. Hope it helps you as well.

Whats the Best E-Cig On The Market?

I bought the smoking everywere Ecig and it sucks the vapor is weak i think the atomizer is broken but the guy who sold it keeps saying its not and it over heats to fast can anyone recommend from experience the best E cig on the market that has a good strong vapor ive gone back to smoking regular cigs.

Posted by jew_192003
David Fripp

Yeah, I got "got" by SE too. It never performed like the one I tried at the kiosk. BUT – there is hope for you! LOL
Do some research – watch some video reviews on youtube and read up on different models – because there are many – and prices vary widely also. And No, you don't have to pay the +$100.00 that you paid SE again. There are many reasonable alternatives.

Just remember that the "Best E-cig on the Market" will be different for everyone. It depends on your needs. And… There is a learning curve for these things. Once you get by that – you'll never want to go back to regular cigs.

There are many forums on e-cigs – one of the biggest is ECF Http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/ There is a ton of information, reviews, and links to vendors. No one is pushing any model or brand on you and you can get the information you need to get a better e-cig.

If you can't return your SE e-cig there is even a sub-forum on ECF for it (RN4081) where you can learn some tips on how to make it work a little better and where to get very inexpensive replacement parts. Mine is packed up for emergency use only now. I hate it that much. LOL

Good Luck and Happy Vaping.

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