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Are there any health risks to JUST nicotine?

I was thinking of switching to 'Blu' e-cigarette's and I wanted to know…

Is there any REAL, FACT, side effects of just PURE Nicotine.

No additives like in a real cigarette. I feel like anyone can smoke these, at anytime, without the risk of cancer down the road.

My Fiance wants me to quit because she's afraid I'll get cancer and die early.

So yeah, that's that. ( 2 year smoker pack a day )

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David Fripp

Sure there are – as above, it effects the central nervous system, and cardiovascular system – but it spares the lungs. Smoking is #^%@#&^!! Evil. Took me more than 20 years to quit, it was the hardest thing I ever did, and I have faced some serious !!! Challenges!!!!

By the wy – don't fool yourself – electronic cigarettes ARE addictive because nicotine IS addictive.
If someone is trying to tell you that electronic cigarettes aren't addictive, slap him.
I would suggest the patches in it's place – you won't be using more that you smoked, people who switch to e- cigs tend to do that an become more addicted to the e-cigs because they do it indoors, etc….patches are dose controlled.

Good luck.

Best of Luck.

Can god make a ciggerrete that has all the pleasure of smoking but none of the side effects?


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David Fripp

Try Blu electronic cigarettes. It's exactly what you asked for, minus the god.


Are there any electronic cigarettes made in the usa?

Trying to decide which e cigarette to buy. I have no idea what is the best, but I was thinking if there are any in the usa that were good and tested I would buy those. Anyone know if there are any good brand e cigarettes in the usa ? I also wanted to know if anyone has used the e cigarette for awhile and if it had any negative side effects ?

Posted by Mary K
David Fripp

Hi Mary,

no, all electronic cigarettes I know of are made in China. However, some brands make the smoke juice here in the USA, lab test it here, and then fill the cartridges here in the US as well. Those brands are eSmoke, Cloud 9, blu cigs and Amerismoke. You can find user reviews and more information about these brands in this buying guide:
It is also an excellent starting point to learn more about ecigs. Good luck!