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What do you think about electric cigarettes?

I just ordered e ciggs anybody out there tried them? Or know anything about them?

Posted by wohoozit
David Fripp

Electronic cigarettes contain liquid nicotine that is heated up to produce a "Vapor". The vapor has no smell and does not linger…but does provide you with all the nicotine you crave!
The liquid nicotine is placed in cartridges that are inserted in to the electronic cigarette.
You can continue to buy the expensive cartridges OR you can just buy the liquid nicotine and re-fill your own cartridge MUCH cheaper. The liquid nicotine is called "E-Liquid" and comes in just about any flavor you can dream of from Marlboro to pina colada and cottom candy.
There are a lot of different styles to choose from so read some reviews before you purchase! The best selling units on the market are referred to as the "DSE-901" and the "Pen Style 801".
You can see and purchase both units at
But please remember…THERE IS NO PERFECT E-CIGARETTE! You will see a bad battery or atomizer (Heating element) from time to time so choose a vendor that has a good warranty.
The FDA recently released a report that they found 1 carcinogen in 1 sample out of the 18 they tested. This is true!
HOWEVER…the same carcinogen plus about 65 others are found IN EVERY CIGARETTE ON THE MARKET!! The FDA won't tell you that!
No one says that e-cigs are perfectly safe. But you do the math. 3 ingredients found in electronic cigarettes verses the 4,000 (65 of which are carcinogens) chemicals found in "Analog" cigarettes.

What are the difference between Electric Cigarettes and Regular Cigarettes?

What are some detailed differences between these two besides one is battery use and water vapor.

Also what are some things that are in common?

Thank you for all your answers!

Posted by Dizmike
David Fripp

One of the main reasons people want to switch is for health reasons. No, e-cigarettes are not completely healthy. They still contain nicotine, which is addictive, and can be dangerous. However, electronic cigarettes eliminate many of the harmful chemicals traditional cigarettes contain. If you smoke traditional cigarettes, you can definitely come out ahead with the electronic version.

Another reason people want to switch is because traditional cigarettes can cost a fortune. Prices are increasing all the time, and taxes are going up right with them. The average family is having a hard time affording cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can end up saving you a lot of money, making them very appealing. Starter kits can be found for well under $100, and then all you have to do is buy the relatively inexpensive refill cartridges. Over time, the cost savings really add up!

Many smokers also report that they do not miss traditional smoking when they try electronic cigarettes. That's because they look and feel just like regular cigarettes, and produce the same calming effects. You can even find different styles and colors, which can make smoking even more fun.

A huge reason people are switching from traditional smoking to electronic cigarettes is because smoking is being banned in an incredible number of establishments. Even entire states are banning indoor public smoking, leaving the smoker with little choice but to be turned out into the cold. With electronic cigarettes, this is not something you have to worry about. You can smoke indoors and not bother anyone around you because e-cigarettes do not give off any secondhand smoke. There's just a vapor, that will not bother anyone. You are doing something you enjoy, without bothering other people — that's a great thing when it comes to smoking!

Clearly, smoking an electronic cigarette is the choice more and more because there are an incredible number of benefits. As more people are not allowed to smoke traditional cigarettes, and the prices increase dramatically, you might even see smoking electronic cigarettes become the norm. Be the first of your friends and family members to latch on to this great way to smoke.

What's an electric cigarette?

I've heard rumors of an electric cigarette that may be able to replace my current smokes…I'm not ready to quit smoking…I'm too social and I think its fun and relaxing…I know…I know…there's a non smoker at this very moment saying…what an ignorant human being I must be why don't you just quit…who's being ignorant really? It's harder than some may think. has a bunch of stuff but I don't know who to choose or what I am actually getting into. Any unbiased opinion would be helpful! Thanks!

Posted by tikilantern
David Fripp

An electric cigarette is a device that vaporizes a nicotine solution. This solution is mixed with purified nicotine (NOT PURE NICOTINE – which is deadly), propylene glycol and a perfume/flavoring solution. Even better, they are cheaper to smoke! My habit for a month costs me around $30 bucks…not a week but a month!

Some contents could be harmful yet there have not been enough studies to determine the effect that liquid contained in these refillable cartridges is either harmful or not harmful. Recently, the FDA stated they found carcinogens in "ONE" juice manufacturers mix…just one. Basically, use them at your own risk however, they are not recommended for anyone who does not already smoke…just as an alternative to smoking tobacco products. Electric Cigarettes get a bad rap because of the FDA's unfair portrayal…cigarettes contain many more carcinogens.

As a past smoker and now a vaporer (or esmoker), I prefer this device as I do not smell like smoke, my breath no longer stinks and my coworkers have no clue. I use it as a way to quit …because you can downgrade the nicotine levels in the cartridges.

These devices are NOT like smoking a real cigarette, in fact, you actually get less nicotine from them than you would from a normal cigarette.

It's a great way to keep your social habit and the relaxation with other smokers but not really be smoking…and with some devices, they won't be even able to tell.

I've been to, they are a great store and with low prices and I would say excellent customer service.

Go to the website below, I would recommend everyone going to it so they can give you their true opinion and facts…instead of just saying they are worse than cigarettes or "like smoking two cigarettes at a time" – FALSE

Http:// -read up even if you do not smoke just so you can also see the possibilities of an easy way to kick the KNOWN deadly tobacco habit..why knock it until you know all about it…cigarettes are the cause for over 250,000 preventable deaths annually…why not try something else.

Good Luck!

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