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Which e cigs are the best?

I am a smoker. I would very much love to try and possibly switch to the new electronic cigarette. I have done a lot of research and learned a lot of very useful things about e cigs and now I am ready to try. What I wanna know is which kind do I invest in? Considering things like price, effectiveness, convenience, etc etc. Can anyone help?

Posted by Brie Robinson
David Fripp

V2 is overpriced, old technology. The electronic cigarette industry has come a very looong long way since cigarette shaped batteries. I strongly recommend you stay AWAY from V2.

The first step is finding a good electronic cigarette forum, which I will supply in my source for you.

I've been using e-ciggs since late 2011. I've gone through a few models. I've been around a while learning and educating myself on the technology.

You should be able to start up with 100$ or less. After the start up costs is when you save money. I really don't spend very much at all, maybe 20-50$ or less per month, and that's typically if I want something vs need something.

Before you throw down money on a starter kit of some kind(which many people go with when they're just beginning) you can go to a gas station and just try a disposable. Keep in mind the disposables will give you a feel for vaping, but there's much more efficient more effective options on the market. So if you feel like after trying one "Hey I like this!" Then going forward may be a good idea for you.

You can also see if by chance there is a brick and mortar electronic store somewhere near you. I highly recommend you visit one if there is. Some make their own "juice" to use with electronic cigarettes, you can try their flavors in there for free and that can also help you get a better idea if you can see this working for you or not. To see if there is, Google something like " (Your State) Electronic cigarette store"

There is a learning curve, and it's a little bit of work but it's more fun than work. It often becomes a bit of a hobby for people. If you want something that's really going to work for you, you have to work a little bit to find it. There's a lot of options out there! The forum supplied below is very friendly and filled with extremely helpful advice. I stress the forum because there's companies that are just in it for the money and don't offer good technology.

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Posted by Antiny
David Fripp

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Urgent question about V2 cigs?

I smoke regular cigarettes and I heard about the electronic cigarettes and decided to give it a shot. So I ordered V2 starter kit and it should be arriving any day. The thing is that my family does not know I smoke and my question is: For those of you who ordered V2 cigs, Does it say on the shipping package anything about cigarettes? Because I don't want my family to know I smoke.

Posted by investor 007
David Fripp

Call chuck norris!

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