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Juss got v2 e cigs questions please?

Juss got starter kit and got v2 red and congress…..for some reason the congress draws way smoother and doesnt feel tight on the filter when you take a drag like the v2 red, did i get bad cartridges for the v2 red? Or does it not produce as much vapor as the congress? Also does the liquid sometimes get in your mouth when you take a drag? Or do i have bad batteries? Juss wondering cause im new to this, thanks….also the nicotine strength i got was 1.8% which is too strong for me it seems i usually smoke marlboro reds, should i go w/the 1.2 or .6%? Thanks for the advice i appreciate it =)

Posted by Joe
David Fripp

Things are working just they way there were designed to work. Use the one you prefer so you can relax with the ecig. I have never heard of water getting in somebody's mouth. For that call the toll free number and ask for technical support.

Has anyone switched to E Cigs and what was your experience and Pros and cons?

Just curious, I just bought the charger and 7 units of nicotine, what are the pros and cons of switching to E Cigs? Did you go back to regular cigs? Are you satisfied and now an E-Cig user?

Posted by MST3K
David Fripp

I got my electronic cig from V2 Cigs!
It arrived in the mail on the 25th in the morning!! And i have not smoked
a regular cigarette since, the amazing thing is i have basically 2 full packs on my dresser aha :P
and the urge is not even close to what i suspected it was gonna be
-fingers/clothes dont smell.. And not to mention breathe aha
-a lot cheaper
-tons of flavors to chose from
-you can pick strength of ordered cartridges [ex: 6, 12, or 18 mg] (i chose 12mg for now)
-you choose color of E cig [ex: black, white, silver]
-V2 cig starter pack comes with everything needed to get started
-also V2 Cigs give you store credit if they dont have an ordered product in stock
-you have to order cartridges ahead of time so they get there before you run out

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What is the best electronic cigarette?

Don't know much about them, but i saw a commercial for one on tv and it sounded pretty convenient.

Posted by Speed Ricer
David Fripp

Go to V2 CIGS.com they have the best
$64.95 for an V2 ECONOMY KIT.

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