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Your favorite cigarette brands?

Ok so lets get this out of the way. I am an adult, well over the minimum age for smoking. I know that risks and all the other crap, thats not what I am here for. Now for the question.

I am looking to try different brands. I am open to brands from other countries too. What is your favorite brand and why. Where can i buy them online (or in stores, but preferably online). Thank you.

In case it helps i love 'feminine' cigarettes like capris, virginia slims etc AND manly ones like Blacks
cute you guys. Real dang cute.

Posted by Jane Chemi
David Fripp

My favorite brand of cigarettes is Davidoff. I choose Davidoff Shape White for its mild taste. I am lady and I love delicate smoke ;) Davidoff Shape Black is much stonger.
Sometimes I like to smoke menthol cigarettes and here I choose Glamour Superslims Menthol.
I buy cigarettes online at Http://www.dotcigarettes.com/
They have affordable prices for my favorite brands! I like design of their site – it has easy navigation.

What are some flavored cigarette brands?

Years ago on a trip to Vegas, I tried a delicious cigarette that tasted floral and aromatic. The box was flat and possibly had flowers on it? I think they MAY have been Brazilian but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
It was a white box that folded open like a cigarette case.

And please save the "don't smoke, it's bad for you lectures" … I already know.

Posted by Brooklyn Brown
David Fripp

The MOST flavored cigarette I can think of are clove cigarettes. One of Djarum's (the only brand still readily available in the US) is called Bali Hai. It's a blue and yellow package and has a sea scene. The pack is not like a regular pack either, it's slimmer and wider. They are from Indonesia.

Djarum makes a number of different blends of clove cigarette. All are aromatic but splash and bali hai are more floral than the blacks or specials. At the bottem are links to pictures of the two most floral brands packages.

If you are looking for cloves your best bet is to check out a cigar shop.

What are the slang names for cigarette brands?

I've heard of reds, which im guessing are the red marboros?
What are some others?

Posted by z
David Fripp

Red cigarettes are full flavor cigarettes for all brands. Blues are light flavored cigarettes. Ultra blue are ultra light cigarettes. They arent slang names, for some reason the brands cant say that a cigarette is light, full flavor or ultra light anymore. They feel that its misleading. Its easy to misinterpret the strength of a cigarette by calling it a "light". So "red" means full flavor. SLANG names for cigarettes are "fags" "cancer stick" "cig"

Top 10 Electronic Cigarette Brands

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