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Where to buy electronic cigarette in trinidad ?

Please help me.

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David Fripp

When buying cartridges, you need to identify the make of electronic cigarette you have and then buy compatible cartridges. While a few stores carry e-cigarettes, the range is likely to be extremely limited, so you are best to research where you can buy cartridges on the internet. You may buy a e-cig any place in Trinidad |

Where can you buy electronic cigarettes?

Can you buy at gas stations? Or just special smoke shops? Because i dont know where to buy and id prefer those over real cigarettes.

Posted by Noble
David Fripp

Electronic cigarettes save the U.S. $92 billion in productivity losses annually. They can be found at your local tobacco store. Call the store first.

Has anyone here bought an njoy electronic cigarette?

I found this produact on the web and was wondering of it really works. If it does i am planning on replacing my cigarettes with it. Any information will be helpful and how long does it take to get it from the website? I live in Michigan. Thanks.

Posted by brandee, brandee q
David Fripp

I've bought 2. I bought one of the original one which were huge and one of the new style "mini" ones. It is a lot like smoking, it tastes similar, but not the same.

I've been trying to stop smoking now for and it hasn't been going great. The electronic cigarette is very good, it takes away the physical crazing as well as the mental craving (which is the hardest one). I personally don't smoke it all the time, but if you would like to cuit down or give up it would be an ideal thing.

I hope that helps.

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