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Where can I bought a Electronic cigarettes ?

I want to Replace my Smoking Habit, so where can I buy Electronic cigarettes.

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David Fripp


This message forum has a LOT of information. You will save yourself a lot of money in the long run if you read around to see not only which companies are more reputable, but also which brand/style meets your needs.

I have the kr808d1 model. I order from vaporkings.com vapor4life.com and tastyvapor.com

One thing that I like to tell people because I never really saw it anywhere when I was looking…. You should start out with a cartridge nicotine dosage that is about the equivalent of one pack. For example, a pack of marlboro lights has about 16mg. So, if you smoked marlboro lights, you should get 16mg cartridges.

Just read a lot before you buy.

Does anyone know where to buy the Njoy electronic cigarette?

I live in the united states, I have been reading about the electronic cigarette and want to try it, I know that costco sells it but there refills are really expensive, does anyone know another retailer that sells it in florida?

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David Fripp

Try to buy them online. Yahoo shopping, & Amazon.com carry them & other brands the last time I checked. Or, just search for the "e cigarette" blogs & forums for recommendations depending on your tastes.

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