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Age to buy cigarettes in Spain ?

How old do you to be to buy cigarettes
do you need id or anything?
Is it the same age everywhere in spain?
Will they just sell it to you no matter how old you are???

Just wondering =)
thanks son….

Posted by !Free Sammie!
David Fripp

No one checks your ID in Spain whether you buy the cigarettes at a bar or an estanco (tabacco shop). Thirteen year olds can buy cigarettes in Spain.
Don't worry about it, you won't have any problem buying them.

Do you buy cigarettes on-line?

Did you ever buy cigarettes online? How would you describe your experience? Please, point the websites also.

Posted by Joyce W
David Fripp

I used to buy cigarettes online from the natives. I don't remember which website, but they were out of upstate new york. Never had a problem.

A few years ago, my state (CT) started going after residents who'd bought cigarettes online from non-native retailers. They got the retailers' sales info and just started sending bills to the buyers, many for thousands of dollars in taxes they 'owed' the state, and giving them only a month or two to pay.

Fortunately i missed that bullet because i'd only bought from the indians. However, there's no way to know if/when the tribes and states may come to an agreement on the tax issue, or if some judge somewhere will just rule that the natives must release their sales info to the states.

By far the best option for smokers looking to save some cash is to make your own cigarettes. You don't have to hand roll them. You can buy a good crank machine, filter tubes and enough tobacco for a carton of smokes for the same price a carton of factory smokes costs. Around $50.

I'd smoked marlboros for 20 years before switching to MYO (make your own) a year and a half ago, and i haven't missed the marbs at all. Got a premier supermatic (machine) for like $35 and have probably made 10,000 smokes with the thing by now. I pay about $50/month for tobacco/filter tubes, would be paying around $150/month buying brand name smokes from the store. Saving over a grand per year. Plus i have the piece of mind, knowing i'm not giving away my cash for the #%(^% government to waste. A huge tax on the middle class/poor is what cig taxes are.

I spend maybe 15 minutes per day making my smokes. I just do it while watching the news or whatever. Most filter tube brands work fine. Most "full flavor" tobacco tastes as good or better than your camels/marbs/winstons/etc. Or get mentholated if that's what you're into.

My main online supplier of tobacco/tubes/etc. Was out of upstate NY. Never had a problem with them. It's been a while since i placed an order though, as i found a local supplier with competitive prices.

There are plenty of videos online showing how easy it is to MYO. Just get googley. I would advise against buying factory smokes online. It's risky. Make Your Own.

Edit – here's a swell video – Http://…

Cigarette buying in the late-1950s and early-1960's?

Research questions!

1) How old did you have to be in the late-1950's/early-1960's to be able to purchase cigarettes?
2) How did one go about purchasing them? Did they have to ask the clerk behind the counter for whatever pack they wanted like today or were the cigarettes out on open display?
Cigarette vending machines! I was born in the mid-1980's, but I remember this tavern in Wisconsin having one in the late-1980's/early-1990's (yeah, Dad thought it was okay to bring his kids into a tavern). I don't remember if it actually worked or not, but it was there.

Posted by SuperGal1980
David Fripp

I bought cigarettes for my father when I was probably 6 or 7. I'd go to the store which was across the pasture from our house – Camel Cigarettes were 25 cents (which was a pretty big fat coin in those days – you could also buy a big hamburger with that).

Anybody could smoke – I suppose children smoking was frowned upon, but nobody would have ever said anything about it.

The most amazing thing to look back on is that you could smoke almost ANYWHERE – in a train or plane or store – sitting in the doctor's office. I remember smoking in class at the University. You couldn't smoke inside of the high school though. Ashtrays were everywhere. Every seat on an airplane had an ashtray in the arm rest. There was no "No Smoking" section – you just sat down anywhere and lit up – and people who didn't smoke NEVER said a word about it.

It was only very slowly that people who didn't smoke just couldn't stand it anymore and began to make noise about it. Now if you lit up a cigarette on an airplane they'd call a SWAT team.

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