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Exactly how do I buy cigarettes?

I'm 20 years old and have never bought cigarettes. What do you do when purchasing them? Just say what brand you want? Will I have to show my ID? Also, does it have to be a driver's license or will any photo ID do? And lastly, what are those really skinny cigarettes called?

Posted by Seti
David Fripp

Walk in store and ask for cigarettes by brand and type. They might ask for ID. There are different kinds of some brands. For example, Newports have lights, mediums, regular. You can get a soft-pack or box. You can get regular size cigaretter or 100's (which is a longer cigarette). Sometimes I call the 'regular' size cigarettes the 'short or shorts.' There are also cigarettes that offer menthol or non-menthol. For these brands you would need to specify that you mean the menthol. For example, you can order Marlboro Menthol cigarettes. The ID must be a photo ID such as a state issued ID or driver's license. Some places like gas stations don't card as much and other places are very strict. Any ID will not be acceptable depending on how strict the place is. I am not sure what skinny cigarette that you speak of. There are Virginia Slims that are smaller. Maybe you should just go to the store and take a look. There's so many different brands.

Finally, I suggest that you don't even start smoking. Most people regret it and it is difficult to quit if you get addicted.

Buying cigarettes online legal?

Posted by Patrick
David Fripp

I buy my cigarettes on-line.

It is legal to buy cigarettes on-line. But the idea is that you pay taxes for that cigs later.

I buy my cigs from a reliable on-line store for almost 3 years. They never report their sales. I've never payed anything besides the cigs cost.

This is the web-site:

Whats a good website to buy cigarettes?

Posted by Jay Smith
David Fripp

I buy cigarettes online. They ship cigarettes all over the world and have good price offers for cigarettes on internet. I pay for Marlboro Red on Http:// just 20$ per carton + shipping. Besides they provide secure payment and delivery. It turned out to be cheaper and time saving.

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