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Where can i buy an electronic cigarette?

I want to know the best Ecig there is on the market today.

Posted by
David Fripp

DO NOT click on a banner on a website, or go to a site that you learned about from a newspaper ad, radio ad, or billboard. Those guys will rip you off. Some will even try to offer you a free one, but then scam you to get your credit card number and charge you automatically month after month.

So you want to avoid those flashy-looking companies that sell an electronic cigarette that looks like a regular cigarette. Those are junk. Run away from those sites, they are designed to give your money away, and good luck getting them to stop charging your credit card.

What you want to do is buy from a reputable merchant. These guys have an online store with actual products. I recommend any store that sells Joyetech Products. Joyetech is a brand that makes great products like the eGo and have taken steps to make the electronic cigarette easier for people to use like the eGo USB battery and Tank Cartridge System. I highly recommend the Joyetech eGo, it's what I use and I think it's the best model out there right now.

Which electronic cigarette starter kit should I buy?!?

I'm definitely ready to make the switch and to eventually stop all together but I'm having
the hardest time deciding between brands.

My boyfriend just got the Blu and I love the look & the charging case & his kit was a good price. The classic flavor is starting to grow on me. I still feel like I need something a little more realistic.

I've been checking out Green Smoke. I've heard their flavors are good. I like the USB cig it comes with as well as the car charger. However, I'd always have to plan ahead and order refills off line because no one near me sells them. I've also heard that the time it takes to charge is a little long.

So from experience which one should I go with Blu Smoke for the stylish look, decent flavor, good price, convenient refills and pack that charges it on the go

Or the Green Smoke, which I've heard has awesome flavors, car charger, longer charging times, USB cigarette..

Not sure.. It seems that I should go with Blu but I don't think the flavor is quite enough to get me to stop smoking real cigarettes for good.

Help me please and thank you ((:

Posted by Cady Marie
David Fripp

I bought Njoy. Because it was the first electronic cigarette that was sold in my town. I bought a disposable one to try before I bought the entire system. You may want to try a few disposables to see if you like the flavor first, before you commit to buying a few batteries and cartridges.

The e-cigarettes worked for a while, until I got stressed out and felt I needed a real cigarette. Then I started smoking real cigarettes again and have trouble trying to start back up using the e-cigarettes.

I only smoke 2 or 3 packs a week. I was spending more money on the electronic cigarettes than I was the real things. This was one of the reasons that I went back to smoking the real things.

Even though I still smoke real cigarettes. I keep all of the batteries charged and in my purse with a few cartridges. Just in case I find myself somewhere without real cigarettes.

You need to do a little research.You may want to try a few brands that will work with the same battery. Many of the cartridges are universal. You just need to find out which ones. You can buy adapters for your old batteries if you decide that you like a different brand better that has a different cartridge.

Where can I buy electronic cigarettes wholesale for my store?

I am looking to buy electronic cigarettes for my store. I would prefer a vendor based in the USA. Any suggestions?

Posted by EHEAD
David Fripp

You want to buy directly from China. If you buy from a middleman you profit will get a slice off. You want to look for someone that offer fix shipping. The more you buy the less shipping cost per cigarette.

Ecig is getting more and more popular as more place are banning cigarette smoke. Like you said you can smoke a ecig anywhere. It is a huge selling point.

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