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Are smoking ecigs once bad?

A friend let me take a hit and told me to take a big one.
I know its crazy.

Posted by qwerty321
David Fripp

No, you took a puff from an ecig, that's the same as doing nothing. As from those comparing cigarettes to ecigs, they haven't got a clue. Simple. Btw, nicotine is a mild stimulant that seems to prevent diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer. Nicotine isn't the problem with cigarettes at all but it's what the Big Pharma sells you and that tells it all.

Should I Start Smoking (ECigs) (Not Tobacco)?

Im having a stressful time in my life, and i want something to shortly relieve me. Here are some things about me that can help.

- I have tried stress medications
- I have never smoked or used tobacco or nicotine
- i hate all the harmful effects of smoke and smoking
- I understand the neurological reactants of nicotine, and how it works
- This isnt just a "my friends are doing it" So please don't just say no, please supply a reason.

I wanted to go on the lowest dose of nicotine for the ecig and keep it there so i don't need a lot later.

Posted by Daniel
David Fripp

ECigs are nicotine delivery devises and you should stay away from them. Since you are not a smoker now and don't have an addiction to nicotine, it would be stupid to acquire one now. Nicotine still has cardiovascular and neuro effects which are unhealthy. Nicotine is a powerful addictive and is as difficult to get rid of as heroin or cocaine. I find it impossible to understand how those ecigs are even legal.
When a person stops smoking cigarettes, the bad respiratory and taste effects reverse within a few days and there is no withdrawal. The effects of nicotine remain for weeks and the withdrawal is torture.
That isn't something you want to go through. There simply is no benefit to nicotine addiction.
I hope you are convinced.

How long do ecig cartomizers last?

It seems I go through 2-3 full cartomizers a day. I vape the 36 mg strength too. It seems I shouldn't be going through these so fast. Am I doing something wrong. I do train vape but not every second of the day. And how many cigarettes is that equivalent to?

Posted by
David Fripp

Depends on the ecig type. Xhale goes for about 70 drags (more like 60 or less for me). Joyce brands go for 120+. E-go does about 150. The 510s (also made by joyce) go for about 200. And american e-cig is about 150 drags. You're doin about a pack to 1-1/2 packs if it is the full sized cartomizers. It would probably be cheaper to get the atomizer/cartridge setup and buy the ejuice. Then you can choose mgs larger than 36 and save a bit of cash.

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