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Best cigarette brands, UK ?

Looking to try new brand currently I smoke Mayfair. Must be available in the UK and not too pricey.

Posted by Apple
David Fripp

Yes, it's available in UK.

Buying cigarettes online uk?

Hello, can some one tell me if you were to order one carton of cigarettes is it likely there would be problems at uk customs?

Posted by Calvin
David Fripp

If they are coming in from a non EU country then the limit is 1 carton, i.e. 200 cigarettes. Any more than that, and you'd pay duty on them.

If they are coming in from an EU country, theoretically there is no limit because you can move product completely freely between EU member states. The UK government, however, has put limits on the number, which, interestingly is illegal!

Where can you buy e cigarettes in UK?

I think the brand name is LUCI Electronic Cigarette and I know all about the electronic cigarettes and I like to know where can we buy the electronic cigarettes in UK.

Posted by Connor
David Fripp

There are so many electronic cigarettes and places to buy e cigarette from online, the prices seem to vary so much and the best place to buy these e cigarettes at an affordable price is Http:// .
Hope this info helps you.

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