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Question re: Electronic Cigarettes.?

I just asked this question with a short, unsatisfactory answer. Can anyone else tell me – how do Electronic Cig's compare with the real ones in taste, for example? Do they last long? Are they satisfactory? Would you think you were smoking a real cig.? What do you think? Thanks!
Did you smoke the ones that are the Natural Cig. Flavour, and not the flavoured ones?

Posted by Marian
David Fripp

Electronic Cigarettes, A.K.A. Vapes or Hookahs, Are not the the real deal, however they give you the option to set a limit of your nicotine from 0% to .6%. It is a good way to cut down or quite smoking, rather than chewing gum or taking therapy.

They have rechargeable electronic Cigs for about 20 bucks, you just have to refill the liquid, which you can buy from a range of variety.

The down side to choosing electronic cigarettes is that the average people who buy them are Hipsters, Potheads, and Little kids who think they are cool. There are only a few people who really buy them to quit their smoking habit.

So Short answer to you question:
It really depends, If you like your nicotine – no they do not compare to real ones
Do they make you think you are smoking a real cigarette – Yes! But you WILL notice the nicotine difference which WILL tell you it is not an actual Cigarette

I have smoked the Natural Cigarettes, Regular cigarettes, Electronic( the cheap disposable ones), and Flavored hookahs.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Honestly, i have not seen personally what ecig is. I need to know some information about it.

Posted by Dennis Johnson
David Fripp

An electronic cigarette is a cigarette for the 21st century. It uses batteries and vapor. Old tobacco cigarettes burn, which causes toxic smoke with over 11,000 chemicals and tar that has been proven to, well, kill you.

Electronic Cigarettes are way safer to use, although since they were just invented in 2003, it's going to take a long time to see if there are any health side-affects from using it because you are still inhaling a few substances that may or may not harm you, but I believe it's way safer than using regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, if you want, or you can can get some e-liquid that doesn't have nicotine. The nicotine comes in different levels, so if you want to quit nicotine, you can start with a high dose after you first buy one (if you are quitting smoking) and then slowly switch to weaker levels over time until you are using zero nicotine liquids. Smoking is a physical habit, not just a nicotine habit. People actually like to inhale something warm and take a smoke break to gather thoughts. That's why the electronic cigarette works way better than using nicotine patches or gum or even pharmaceutical drugs to quit smoking.

The e-liquid tastes good. You can get them in just about any flavor you can think of, and they don't leave a nasty smell or second-hand smoke. You can 'Vape' indoors and in public places, so no need to stand outside in the cold and rain.

So I quit using regular cigarettes 17 months ago since using electronic cigarettes. I absolutely love it. My health is great, way better than I was smoking. No more waking up in the morning and hacking to clear my throat to clear my lungs so I can breath. I use the Joyetech eGo, since I believe it to be the best model available right now. Joyetech is also a brand that caters to electronic cigarette users, they are always trying to outdo themselves and make the product easier to use.

Don't buy from a company that sells an e-cig that looks like a regualar cigarette, those are junk, and won't convince you that the electronic cigarette is comparable to regular cigarettes. Avoid company's that only sell one model, or offer it for free, because they will get your credit card number and charge it month after month. Instead, buy from a reputable seller who has an online store, offering several different types of e-cig models. These merchants are trying to stay competitive and keep their prices low, and usually have great customer service.

Why is ego(electronic cigarette) so popular?

Now ego is very very popular in the world, just curious why is ego so popular?

Posted by Ivy
David Fripp

The electronic cigarette is becoming increasingly popular as more people realise just how many great benefits it has over traditional cigarettes. If you are thinking about making the move then you may be interested in hearing exactly how you will profit from it; here are just some of the great ways that you will benefit from the switch.

• Electronic cigarettes are far less harmful to the body than tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco smoke contains thousands of nasty toxins that damage the body. The electronic cigarette does not use tobacco and this means that is better for your health. Instead of tobacco the electronic cigarette uses water containing nicotine which the individual take in the form of a mist.
• They do not lead to passive smoking. This has been a big reason why people are so anti tobacco smoking; not only does it cause health problem for the user but also others sharing the same air as them. With electronic cigarettes there is no passive smoking and there is no tobacco smoke; only you inhale the mist containing the nicotine.
• The fact that the electronic cigarette doesn’t lead to second-hand smoking means that there is no reason why it shouldn’t be exempt under the smoking ban. There are now many bars and clubs around the UK that are more than happy to welcome customers who want to use this device on their premises. There is still some confusion among some venue owners as to the legal status of this product in relation to the smoking ban, but the word is getting out. More and more bars and clubs are allowing the electronic cigarette all the time.
• The electronic cigarette does not cause you to have smelly clothes and it doesn’t make your home smell bad. Tobacco is a smell that many people find hard to tolerate and this can put them off the idea of spending too much time around smokers. A few decades ago when everyone smoked this wasn’t such a problem, but nowadays being a tobacco smoker can be a lonely business.
• It works out an awful lot cheaper than the traditional cigarette. In fact the average smoker may be able to save so much money each year that they should be able to afford to do something really special with a few extra thousand pounds in their pockets.
• When you use them there is no need to worry about carrying around lighters. The device uses electricity so as long as you charge it every couple of days it is good to go.
• Many smokers have died because they feel asleep while holding a lighted cigarette. This can never happen with an electronic cigarette as there is no fire at the tip.

As you can see there are some great benefits associated with electronic cigarettes. Of course the best solution would be for people to give up the habit altogether, but many people just are not prepared to do this.

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